The State

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“All states are founded, organised and managed by the elite grouping in the name of the people”.


On North Korea’s Bitter Race War With Whites

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Zama Khumalo 

The North Koreans are good, good people. We must today look up to the North Koreans as inspiring people and laugh at the haters who ask support from us, through deceits and every form of evil propaganda, in order to try to feature us as accomplices in their efforts to further dismember the Korean peninsula and smash into pieces the system of self-sufficiency of the people of North Korea. We must just laugh and inside ourselves we know that the enemy is now waging a war.
We must not lose focus, we must look at the system of self-sufficiency, of Juche, of the North Koreans and see if out of the example presented by this type of a system we cannot come out with something, something to use in order to build our own power.
Today we look at North Korea as a country of complete freedom and dignity, a country not under white imperialist rule. Basically what whites do, they seek all they can to rule over anybody. Now when that happens whites can now feel proud of themselves and say, ‘jah, you see now we have the world in our palm.’ And when the world is now in their palm, they use the people of colour as their stooges so that the people of colour only accompany whites to enjoy the world.

Now you have a nice country like North Korea, very small, on the Korean peninsula and you have their neighbours, their siblings in fact, the South Koreans on the same peninsular divided along the needs of whites – inserted their dictators in the puppet regime of South Korea to launch vicious attacks, in order to destabilize the peace of the North Koreans. This means that the North Koreans can no longer enjoy what is generally considered ‘peace’ in Europe. They refer to the North Korean state as “the most dangerous and secretive state in the world” so that the public is encouraged to support a war against the North Koreans, to justify the assassination of their leader. Then they use all types of satellites technology can design and the hostile media of their colony, South Korea, to stalk the North Koreans and slander them in the BBC, CNN, Reuters and other white colonial decorations. I don’t want to mention the colonial outfits of ‘human rights’ watchers, who, also called the “human rights rackets” in North Korea, are never giving up the battle to make sure everyone is colonised by whites. So this cannot continue. We must support the North Koreans in their struggle to live free from imperialism. We have the duty and it all remains with us and we also saw in recent reports that a segment of the South Koreans support the North Koreans and did make certain demonstration to that effect, notably when, the people of South Korea, threw eggs at anti-North Korean balloon campaigners late last year. Now that spoke for itself and we didn’t need an analyst to show us what exactly that entailed.

We must pledge our support for the current socialist regime of the people of North Korea and also ask them, as we used to do during liberation struggles, for similar support as we also endeavor to stage our own revolution against neo-colonialism.
We must aspire for independence for it is only through independence that we can attain self-determination. We must work closely with the North Koreans to understand what that is. We must hold hands and stage a protest against any attempt by the oppressors of the globe to crush the North Korean sovereignty. There should not be one dominant power in the world that decides what other small powers must do. There should not be stalking of other states and disregard of the rights of other people just because those people have chosen to be independent from the global system of racism.

Truly speaking we can say of the North Koreans today that they are truly inspiring. I look up to visit North Korea when I get the money and shake the hand of Marshal Kim Jong-un, the young leader who has been able to stand tall despite the imperialist aggressions of the Europeans, Now we see, they have always been using their old and tired propaganda of lying that a country that is not blessed by them actually has dangerous weapons and wants to attack the world. In fact, we don’t see the possibility of the North Koreans attacking the “world”, but instead we see the “world”, whites, attacking the North Koreans or setting them on each other: North vs South, without us noticing anything wrong.

We saw how white power handled the issue of The Interview, that the issue ended up agreeing to some of us we had previously thought that The Interview noise is stage-managed by whites and for the needs of whites – an attempt to justify reasons why North Korea, as an independent state from imperialists, should no longer exist! A very petty noise coupled with the false investigations of the FBI, an investigation, or so-called “investigation”, which later claimed to have found that North Korea, an independent state in the world, hacked into the website of Sony Entertainment. But above all, the world has been deceived that the North Koreans are such a bad people when in reality the really bad people are removed from view.
So, I’m calling on all Africans, Asians and everybody to support the struggle of the North Koreans during this hard time when the bull is facing the matador and tries to defend itself from being killed.

It must be the North Koreans that liberate the South Koreans from the purloining imperialists of this world, whose racism is so real and devastating on the part of victims. The Koreans generally find themselves in a bitter race war with whites.
So, that is the challenge which all of us face and which we must overcome. To think that a small country like North Korea, very small, is under constant attack from a very big country like the U.S., United Sates of America, various countries attacking a tiny country, very small, on an island, should draw us to the presentation made by Dr. Bobby Eugene Wright in the 1980s that the whites are “psychopaths” because they are “constantly in conflict with other persons or groups”, “selfish and callous” and have a “total disregard for the rights of others” and “unable to experience guilt”.

So we cannot accept that; when we are silent it means that we accept that. We must voice ourselves against that. We must never accept the crimes of the aggressors and condemn the victims. The whole situation faced by us in the third world countries, us black, yellow and brown (and blue, red, grey) people under the domination of the white ruling race, must allow us, must enable us to analyse and understand the current situation that the North Koreans are faced with. To understand what is actually happening in North Korea you must first think of what is happening in Zimbabwe, economic embargo, and imagine what will happen to South Africa the day a black president grabs and nationalises the means of productions. The thing is, here is South Africa we are only having a ‘progressive democracy’ simply because whites own the means of productions. But should a new government come and grab the means of productions for public ownership, a war similar to the one experienced by Zimbabwe and North Korea will begin in South Africa. So whites enjoy a type of democracy where they are in charge.

Then we also have to take cognisance of the fact that the North Koreans do not develop nuclear weapons in order to attack the U.S. but because the problems of whites are always made the problems of the world, it always appears as if the North Koreans intend to attack and destroy the whole world. In fact, the U.S. is developing nuclear, biological and other dangerous chemical weapons in order to attack the world for a victory that will allow whites to settle and do business anywhere they want. It’s a race war and Dr. Chinweizu in his well-written essay, ‘Lugardism, UN Imperialism And The Prospect Of African Power,’ always teaches us that when whites impose their imperialism on us they are imposing a race war. So, when you faced with a race war, you are basically attacked because you are not a white person! The country in which you live undergoes dismemberment and your people placed in permanent abasement so that any other thing that is taking place in your country is reported in the BBC, etc where whites analyse and discuss the situations of the non-whites.

Now, you ask yourself, here’s your homework, how did it happen that Sony, a profit-based private company, eventually decide to enter the race war against the North Koreans?

Bonakele Majuba: On Defending The Young Communist League (transcript)

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 transcript by Zama Khumalo

The following is a speech delivered by the Mpumalanga provincial secretary of the South African Communist Party, cde Bonakele Majuba, at the Young Communist League’s 4th provincial congress. This congress, which elected Sandile Mzilikazi as provincial charperson and Tinyiko Ntini as secretary, was held at the Tshwane University of Technology in eMalahleni on 15 August 2015.


Secretary of Ufasimba in South Africa, this comrade (pointing to *Mluleki Dlelanga) is a national leader of the Young Communist League in South Africa, the so-called “after the unbanning”, after comrade Bhuti Manamela.

Comrade Mluleki, we are privileged today that you have visited Mpumalanga in order to come and revive the strength of the Young Communist League of the South African Communist Party.

We also appreciate all the national committee members who are here and we say thank you very much comrades, we stayed for a long time in this province without having the Young Communist League; we always wanted to hear the militant voice of the Young Communist League.

We therefore, I thank in you that immediately after you were elected in the congress of the YCL you felt it very important that you should come and build the YCL in Mpumalanga.

Comrades before I start speaking let me also recognise all comrades who spoke, those who were dealing with messages of solidarity, and also messages of support and all comrades from PILC in the province who facilitated that this congress had to seat, the leadership of the South African Communist Party for being so generous in making sure that they take resolutions in making sure that they provide with the necessary funding so as we can have this Young Communist League congress and PEC members of the Communist Party who are here.

I see DEC members of the Communist Party and some district secretaries of the South African Communist Party who are here.

The South African Communist Party regards itself as the mother and father of the Young Communist League; we value the Young Communist League.

We respect all those who managed to have the wisdom of joining the Young Communist League, because when you join the Young Communist League you become the vanguard of the youth of this country.

It tells us that you have got the wisdom of being willing to study and understand Marxism-Leninism and be schooled in both dialectical and historical materialism so as whatever you say; whatever you say wherever, is informed by the tools of analysis., not common sense.

The communists are different to others because anything that they say is always informed by a philosophy, a philosophy that is mostly based on dialectics – dialectical materialism and historical materialism. We are all students of Marx and the Young Communist League it’s a school, where communists and leaders of the South African Communist Party for the future, are bread. That is why we must always defend the Communist Party because from where you are you will be coming straight to come and lead the South African Communist Party. Therefore you must nurture and make sure that you defend the South African Communist Party.

I just want to start by coming to your constitution. The preamble of the constitution of the Young Communist League, so as you can have to understand yourselves what is a Young Communist League.

Let me read from your constitution, open quote, “we, the Young Communist League of South Africa founded in 1922, banned in 1950 and re-established in 2003, are a voluntary mass organisation of the youth in South Africa. We are devoted to the interests of all young people and dedicated to the revolutionary cause of the working class of our country and the globe. We are committed to, and struggle for the transformation of South Africa from a capitalist society to a socialist society in which there is no exploitation of one person or group by another. The YCLSA recognises the South African Communist Party as the political party of socialism in our country and enjoys political and ideological guidance from the SACP”.

Underlined. That is coming from the constitution of the Young Communist League. Let me repeat: “The YCLSA recognises the South African Communist Party as the political party of socialism in our country and enjoys political and ideological guidance from the SACP”.

Let us come to the Aims and Objectives of the Young Communist League. “The YCLSA shall serve as preparatory school of the SACP and shall rally young people behind the programme and policies of the Party and lead them in the struggle to advance youth development as an integral part of human and societal development”. Let’s come to the Character of the Young Communist League, “the YCLSA shall be an independent and voluntary youth formation of young people from 14 to 35 that derive its organisational existence, from, and function as an autonomous youth wing of the SACP.”

This paragraph is very important. This paragraph is very important. Let me repeat it, because its going be very important going forward from now. “the YCLSA shall be an independent and voluntary youth formation of young people from 14 to 35 that derive its organisational existence, from, and function as an autonomous youth wing of the SACP.”

When we say it is going to be an independent organisation it means it is not going to be subordinated to any other organisation or to any other lobby group or to any other tenderpreneurs at a particular corner who has got a lot of money [and] who will wish to buy the young communist league through favours and giving certain individuals a lot of liquor and dagga to come and advance their interests in the meetings of the Young Communist League. It is an independent Young Communist League. But is it autonomous to the South African Communist Party. Then you will have to check the difference between independence and autonomous.

The young communist league is not independent from the South African Communist Party; is independent from NGOs and any other tenderpreneurs and all other organisations. But it is autonomous to the South African Communist Party.

You get what I say? (applause). That is why the South African Communist Party we always have an interests in the strength of the Young Communist League because the Young Communist League it’s a Young Communist League of the South African Communist Party. That is why the Young Communist League will always be interested in building the South African Communist Party because the Young Communist League are aware that if the Communist Party dies it means they will have nothing to inherit. Now the South African Communist Party and the Young Communist League are like the father, the son and the daughter and those who said the South African Communist Party must not be closer to the Young Communist League they want the South African communist party to be an irresponsible parent and the South African Communist Party will never be an irresponsible parent.

That is why when we are coming to this congress it is the south African communist party that is going to think by the way those are our children, what are they going to eat in that congress, where are they going to sleep, what form of transport are they going to use, what kind of T-shirts are they going to wear, because the South African Communist Party is convinced that these are the future leaders of the South African Communist Party (applause) and it is also why the South African Communist Party will always defend the Young Communist League without fear, favour or prejudice.

You can write whatever you wish in your facebook (laughter) but the South African Communist Party will always make sure that they defend the Young Communist League and the Young Communist League will defend the South African Communist Party.

I wanted anyone who is confused here to be clear on which meeting you are in now.

Dont be like Julius. You see Julius. I don’t know whether he smoked a lot of dagga at the time because when he was president of the ANC Youth League he was beginning to say the ANC Youth League is independent of the ANC. All of a sudden he became a president within presidency. He went to an extent of even undermining the president of the African National Congress, uMsholozi. He insulted him left and right, insulting the ANC and the ANC decided to disband the ANCYL and that never happened in the South African Comunist Party because comrade Bhuti Manamela, the leader of the Young Communist League in South Africa always knew that the Young Communist League is a Young Communist League of the South African Communist Party.

We don’t want a Young Communist League that is going to mimic the SACP. The Young Communist League must be militant; it should be able to raise youth issues, it should be able to be an organisation that is radical for the issues of the youth.

But there is a difference between progressive radicalism and counter-revolutionary radicalism. Let me give an example, when Nelson Mandela, Anton Lembede, Walter Sisulu and all that generation deided…

Actually, by the way the formation of the ANC Youth League came because of a resolution from the Central Committee of the Communist Party in 1943; the Central Committee of the SACP realised that the elders of the ANC by then they were not radical enough and already the SACP when it was formed in 1921, in 1922 it formed the Young Communist League because it always wanted that radicalism from the youth. When they realised that the elders were modest, always send deputations to the Queen in England and say they are asking for freedom, the Central Committee of the Communist Party said ‘in order for us to be able to radicalise the ANC let us influence the ANC to form its youth league’. That’s when they sold the idea to the ANC and in 1944 the ANC youth league was born, because the SACP wanted to make the ANC a  radical organisation.

Let me come back to what I was talking about: counter-revolutionary radicalism and progress…

[Note: the part where Majuba explains the difference between “counter-revolutionary radicalism” and ”progressive radicalism” is missing due to a battery fault on the cellphone that we used. However, after few minutes of the problem we were able to continue using another phone].

…defiance campaign against unjust apartheid laws because the youth was tired of apartheid and they wanted freedom as soon as possible. That was progressive radicalism.

When we talk of the YCL and you say you want “progressive radicalism” and it is why us the elders when we say “socialism is the future, build it now”, the youth says “socialism in our lifetime”. That must not just be a slogan; that must not just be a slogan because if that is just a slogan you will be confused by people who are enjoying the status quo.

Other people are enjoying the status quo now. It’s nice, they have reached freedom. They have the opportunity to steal money as they wish and this money they have put it and packed it there in their homes and a lot of money, too much money in those homes. Now they will always tell that “this socialism, this national democratic revolution of yours is taking long to come, here is money, take this money, let’s go steal’.

The problem when you survive through stealing and you do not steal for yourselves but for someone else and you take the money to him, like gang leaders, you see gang leaders, they hire you as the youth and the boss stay at home and then ask you to go hijack cars and after hijacking those cars you bring those cars to him and he sells those cars and get a lot of money and he just pay you on a monthly basis – the day you no longer want to steal cars, you are tired you will go hungry. So it means you must keep stealing cars forever.

You must be liberated from that kind of life. You must search for socialism so as you don’t depend to a person, you don’t depend on Majuba; you are not supposed to live only because of me, I supply you with patronage, I supply you with money.

Like for example in this province, there is one chap who is not working, who had the power of accumulating a lot of money that he didn’t even work for and go to a sushi party in Johannesburg and when he is there, and when he hears the music, he looks at the people around and think they don’t recognise he has got a lot of money and take this money out and give each person a R200 note.  Everybody is given a R200 notes. That person is not working but has got a lot of money.

But the day he is going to cross the person who gave him that money you gona meet him moving like a hobo in the street (laughter). Now you must refuse comrades to be dependent on others. You must build your future. That is why I like the slogan of the Young Communist League that talks about “education is fashionable”.

We must go to school and learn so as we can be independent, so as we can stand up in this meeting and say ‘comrade Majuba I have listened to you as you are saying but I beg to differ’. Others if you can stand up and say ‘I beg to differ’ tomorrow you no longer get that money.

I had an experience of leaders, comrade Mluleki, in the province. I have been here for quite sometime. I must mention those comrades. In the Youth League.

There was a Youth League which was led by comrade Isaac and Nthabeleng, you remember Mandla*? They attacked the South African communist party, all the time. That youth league has disappeared. You no longer see them even in the PEC, you don’t even see them in the regions, they are in the wilderness. They were being sent by someone to come and insult the Communist Party. When I meet them they say, ‘we should have listened to you comrade, we didn’t see what was happening. And I say, ‘dont worry boys that was a lesson of life!’

There was a leadership again of the ANC Youth League which was led by comrade Kgotso. You know comrade *Kgotso who was the secretary and [Ronald] Lamola was their spokesperson. Lamola was always asked to go to the radios and insult the Communist Party, especially attack the provincial secretary of the  Communist Party. Where is he now? Is dumped! (laughter).

He calls me one day, ‘hey comrade Majuba, you see I never understood what you were saying all along. Now I realise what you were saying all along because we were called comrade into a restaurant and in this restaurant we were told that we must go and insult you in the radios. We were used because we were young’. I said, ‘no, don’t worry, you remember everytime you uttered a word I never responded because I knew that you were sent by someone’. I don’t respond to the ANC Youth League everytime they say anything. Everytime they say anything I respond to their handler; the person who has sent them to come and say those things, because I know sometimes the youth will sometimes be used by adults. Ourselves in the South African Communist Party we are not prepared to micromanage the Young Communist League.

You know comrade Mandla… when he was the secretary of the Young Communist League in the province, comrade [inaudible] who was the chairperson of the Young Communist League once came to me, I think I was with comrade *Lucky, and he said to me, ‘but comrade why as the Party are you allowing the Young Communist League to be so free. You must sometimes allow… come and guide us’. I said, “No, we will only guide you when it is necessary. But now we allow you as the youth to lead, have experiences, make mistakes and grow.’

But there is only one time when we are going to intervene. We are going to intervene when we see that you are now abusing the independence because you have now been bought by criminals. Once you become spokespeople of thieves and all of a sudden we hear you in papers trying to counter a decision of the South African Communist Party in the media and then you go to a particular restaurant and they say to you, ‘you really did a good job, here’s a R10 000’, then we will have a problem with that.

But a young communist league that is progressively radical we will never have a problem with that Young Communist League. A Young Communist League that is going to make mistakes which are genuine, we will always go and correct those comrades.

Now we are saying, as the South African Communist Party, we wish to make sure that you build a sustainable Young Communist League. A young communist league that is going to be found in each and every voting district. I don’t know whether you are organising in VDs or in wards, the Young Communist League must be everywhere in Mpumalanga, or even in the country because you are the future.

*NOTES: Mluleki Dlelanga is the National Secretary of the YCLSA and Mandla Tibane is the 2nd deputy provincial secretary of the SACP in Mpumalanga. The late Kgotso Motaung led the ANCYL in Mpumalanga. Lucky Mbuyane is 1st provincial deputy secretary of the SACP in Mpumalanga.

Stanley Nyamane: Towards The End Of His Life

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By Zama Khumalo

Born in May 1974, Stanley Nyamane left the earth surface on 12 July 2015 a wretched man. Hitherto, it is still not clear what ate Stanley – so sudden, that he lost so much weight and we ended up mourning him.

But as colleague and friend, Sibongile Zwane, would later say, Stanley “loved to love but didn’t want his personal affairs to be discussed. He preferred to keep them within himself.”

His obituary shows that he was born on the Sunday of 12 May 1974. He went to do his primary education at the Apartheid-built school of Badplaas, the ‘Izithandane Bantu School’, from the period 1980 to 1985. Between 1986 and 1987, Stanley did what is today known as Grade 8 and Grade 9, and which then was known as Standard 6 and 7, at the Fisland School, situated in the rural outskirt of Badplaas. The reader will also have to note that the area referred here as Badplaas, underwent name-change in 2014, today known as Manzana. So here we will be using the names “Badplaas” and “Manzana” interchangeably to refer to one place.

Between 1987 and 1990, the obituary shows, Stanely went up to what is today known as Grade 12 and which was then known as Standard 10; he completed! In the late 1990s, Stanley was a student at the Mango College, doing a Degree in Education, which became his ticket to become a teacher at Sunduza Combined School for few months before he moved to teach at Engabezweni Secondary School, where, reads the obituary, “death eventually found him!”

Those that had been taught by Stanley between 2002 to his last days on earth in 2015, had all described how life was hard during his early ages growing up in Apartheid South Africa, in which whites used the state at the expense of black people. “When I was doing Grade 9 in 2003,” recall one of his former pupils, Mandla Madonsela, “he told us that he used to go to school bare-footed and even during his time at tertiary he had only one trouser”. This was mainly due to the situations at home, and the entire black community. The system of man exploiting man, in this case, of white exploiting black, was crueler than in anytime recorded in human history.

Stanley died with an honours Degree in Education, which he did with the University of South Africa, and which earned him the position of acting principal at the Engabezweni Secondary School. Someone said that if we were to talk about Stanley, we would have to write a book, because there is a lot to say of the man who had finally been described as “very informative and observant”. Certainly, Stanley was informative, having been a daily reader of the Sowetan newspaper. He also never missed the Drum magazine and the City Press newspaper.

But what is it exactly that happened to him and which cost him his life?


A Letter To Victor Mbethe

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Dear Victor

Personally, I have problems with the old system of governance because it differs from the current one in that the current one uses black compradors to mess their own people up.

In a nutshell, as the general pan-Africanist belief espouses, powerful blacks present no danger to the system but are actually dangerous to other blacks because they would want to maintain the oppressive system by every means.

The politics of white despots destroyed blacks on the mind and soul, and your duty will be to change that. What Im trying to say here to you, a candidate for the upcoming by-elections, is that you will have to be very cautious not to manage the same system which fucks up our own people.

Al in all, we have to take that revolutionary initiative to end Badplaas. Badplaas has to end – the new councillor must end it, and a new society created from it. We will have to create a post-Badplaas society characterized by justice and development.

At the current stage, we can talk of Badplaas as that tiny village in Mpumalanga that is characterized by racial inequalities, high unemployment rate, poor service delivery, landlessness, poor education system and water crisis and the rampant corruption of the ANC elite grouping.

We can talk of Badplaas as that organisation not developing the portions where black people live. We can talk about the guillotine that Badplaas is, to cut black heads. We can talk about Badplaas, which exists against the will of our people, as that tiny village ruled by laymen who enter government in order to feed themselves and their families. In the past 20 years we have seen the worse in Badplaas, than what one would think was development.

But most importantly, Badplaas lack the leaders who are selfless. The love of materialism by our so-called leaders, which is seen as norm by the people they lead, is driven by their lack of political ideologies to enter government and change lives – is driven by their lack of philosophical dialects to understand the role of the state in subjugating our people. The philosophical poverty of our leaders to analyse and handle the current anti-black situations in Badplaas is the cause of the Badplaas we have today and which we must seek to destroy, so that there is no more Badplaas.

As an independent candidate, contesting, or wanting to win a ward, you will have to be very careful not to long to enter government and imitate the ANC. Our people are not looking for ANC outside the ANC. You must identify your programs with popular left-wing politics, pan-Africanism and the politics of juche of self-reliance.

While part of your programs will have to be the complete abolition of Badplaas, that will have to be accompanied by the revolutionary literacy of the people you will be working with to achieve the goals of smashing Badplaas.

Badplaas was designed by the Apartheid government and now maintained by the ANC government for the suffering of black people.

We have seen how our people have been lied to – that they are suffering because they were not educated or lack certain skills. Ironically, it is the same ANC government which maintains the system of poor education or lack of proper skill development projects. Then the issue of agricultural programs will have to be taken by you as an independent ward councilor, to give back land to the people of Badplaas; by implementing the community policy of “each hectre each household and two tractors for each ward”, which will be accompanied by an abundant space of grazing on the other side.

The people of Badplaas have raised a lot of issues, but most definitely, each issue is raised because the entire system is rotten, which calls for the restructuring of Badplaas; the need for a new independent man who will turn Badplaas into a movement.

ZAMA KHUMALO: A Letter to Commissar Pro Khoza

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Comrade, I greet you. You see, the commander-in-chief of our movement has talked a lot and the struggle has been directed at the emancipation of the worker and the poor. But most importantly, it is a struggle to emancipate and restore dignity in the millions of black souls across the country. Just like the Chinese, the Russians, North Koreans or the Cubans, Africans also have the fulfillable mission to restore their own dignity. You see Comrade Pro, I enjoy the fact that the starvation of the black majority has made an inevitable war for all anti-barbarian young South Africans. I want to greet you in the name of Jesus Christ who died for our sins under Romans hands more than 2000 years ago. I want to be quick and specific when I write to you. You see this other day when I saw you in Badplaas I wanted to greet you but your car left very quickly before I could even reach the corner where you were parking and the other guys greeted you. You see, if I got the chance to reach to you I was gona definately ask the two of us to meet at a separate petrol garage station and talk politics. Of late I want too much of politics. Politicians use politics to trick us. In order for us to understand the puzzeword that politicians use we all must learn politics. Some of us learnt politics hard, like Andries Tatane, the Ficksburg protester, died on TV on 13 April 2011 while he was trying to learn politics. You see, we learn politics hard and die. Steve Biko who was already matured in politics, and offered a life-long remedy to the problems of the Black race, died under the hands of ruthless assassins serving politics. You see, that’s politics… But truly speaking comrade Pro, our struggle is winnable in that it is being fought within our yards. We never went anywhere to bother anyone in their own yards. Ours is made inevitable because is rightfully ours and occurs within our own country. I actually appreciate the greatest leaps you guys made on behalf of the millions of economic freedom fighters of South Africa. When I write you I honestly wana be brief and specific. I don’t want to talk a lot of things without an ending. I want to be brief and quick, so that the letter ends. But immediately when the letter ends, with a full stop punctuation at an end, it must be something that has an address at the top right corner and a signature at an end signed by the writer and content. The content must be a bit detailed but brief. It must be something to address the status quo, and actions thereafter. In this particular case, the writer would be me and the intended reader would be you. You see Comrade Pro, *Badplaas (*now the area is called ‘eManzana’) was wreacked by very violent forces and we cannot even talk about it. But what is important at the current moment is justce. How? I’ll show you. First of all the people of Badplaas they own everything that surrounds them, the land, the water and everything, but no one will make it visible to them that they do. Instead each person will be forced to believe that he only owns the small yard within which their home is fenced. Now Comrade Pro, I wanted us to greet, talk and highlight a range of things before you left, like the increased youth unemployment in Badplaas. The ANC government was able to raise the number to a significant increase in just 14 years from 2000 – from 27% in 1999 to 53% in 2013. But most people who were employed were enlisted into the cheap labour army to earn what looks almost like nothing compared to their white counterparts. The people of Badplaas own each and every wealth generated by their own labour and I was prepared to prove that. The people of Badplaas own Aventura and can collectively place it under land claim and seize it for public ownership. You see Comrade Pro I’m glad at your achievement as a Parliamentarian but I just want Commissisars of this radical movement to know that the kind of State we are looking for as young people in South Africa is the one which can ‘wither away’. Vladimir Lenin saw the possibility in us getting the State that ‘withers away’ but this State in the South African situation will have to the one that is ‘mobile’. Yes, we need one kind of State that is ‘mobile’. I dont see any impossibility in us forcing a situation that results to a State that is “mobile”, particularly now with so much grit revolutionaries painting the country red. It must be that kind of State that is movable and can be crushed into pieces, and these pieces, so fine and so small, will then have to be thrown away! We must create a situation that forces the State to be seizable and once we have it, we say, “to hell with this so-called State!” We are not looking up to listen to the State as person talking to be heard, but we are looking for a situation that is so inevitable that the State is hammered on its ankles and brought to its knees. We can no longer have anything to do with the State. Comrade Pro, you see, we are also not looking to emancipate workers in their willingness. We can’t all the time expect a worker or the sections of the unemployed to be willing to be emancipated. We must grab and emancipate a worker or a poor man. So I think that goes hand and hand with the kind of State that young South Africans are looking for – that the emancipation goes tightly with a seizable and smashable State. But we can talk about these issues almost waya-waya, the whole day and even continue for the whole week, but the whole aim will be to prove that young South Africans are looking for a seizable and smashable State, one which eventually becomes history. It will also be to prove that to achieve that there will have to be some form of actions in our reply to the inertia and complacency of the current ruling class. We are not looking for a bourgeois structure that tries to be indomitable and seek to rely permanently on distortion of facts and brazen deception in the disadvantage of the class which we belong. But comrade Pro, honestly, to achieve all of these, we will have to be organised ourselves. More signs of us being organised have showed in the past months since we entered the political arena in July 2013 – more evidence showed in our Manifesto Launch in Tembisa. But more was needed on our sides to get everyone to understand what Mao’lemaism was all about. The endeavours of refined fighters like GG, among others, have placed the struggle at the height above the State, leaving it to us to see how we can seize and subsequently smash it. This process, the one of getting fighters to be at a height above the State, is improtant in a revolution organised by the working class and the unemployed, in a society where the State is above society. Comrade Lenin wants all members of the oppressed class to listen very careful to the things that Karl Marx said because the things that Karl Marx said is, and I quote, “a consummate philosophical materialism which has provided mankind, and especially the working-class, with powerful instruments of knowledge.” Now, I want us to get to the bottom of the content of this letter, perhaps where we make conclusions. What has been presented to us by the ANC were clear ideas underwritten by imperialists to defeat the natives. Now to counter that, we will have to truly appreciate our value as revolutionaries and know our missions. Comrade Pro I sincerely express my respect and admiration to you for having grown this much, in terms of the revolutionary missions to be fulfilled. I appreciate greatly that other fighters have also grown this much, a move which will suffocate the ANC dearly.

stolen legacy

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