Readers Defend Nyan Nyan Presenter and Blast Sunday World for “Writing Kak”

February 26, 2016 § Leave a comment


It all started like a normal Sunday World story.

The newspaper published it on its website and shared it on its Facebook page.

But this was no normal Sunday World story – readers had to defend the subject of the story from what they said was the paper’s habitual way “to report on the negative things”.

It was blasted by its own readers late yesterday soon after it published what the paper said was an “investigation” into the “big fat lies” of Nyan’ Nyan presenter Luyanda Potwane.

Under the sensational title, “Nyan Nyan Star Luyanda Potwane’s Big Fat Lies” and an accompanying subtitle, “SABC TV and radio presenter Luyanda Potwane is seemingly battling to keep up with the flashy celebrity lifestyle”, the paper looked into a claim a month ago concerning a Golf 7 GTI on his Facebook page.

The newspaper wrote: ” In his Facebook, accompanied by a picture of him next to the flashy GTI, Potwane wrote: ‘ A new addition to the family, for just nje… I said it before – when God cimmands blessing to come to you, even the devil obeys’.

“But an investigation by Sunday World, after one of his close allies ratted on him, revealed that Potwana owned no property and the only vehicle registered in his name was an old Renault Megane. However, the telly presenter maintains “it is my second car,” the paper said.

The paper spoke to two sources.

One was Chris Beukes of the Hartfield VW in Braamfontein. Beukes told the paper: “The vehicle is currently in our stock”.

Another source was unnamed. Described as “one of his friends who asked not to be named,” the “source” told the paper that that Potwane took a picture next to the car late last month “when he went window shopping late last month and he was hoping to buy the car”.

“He drives a greyish 2006 Renault Megane convertible that constantly gives him mechanical problems.

“He does not even own the apartment in Ormonde. He shares it with a friend, ” the paper quoted the source as saying”, the source is said to have told the paper.

On reading this, readers fumed and expressed their disgust of the story.

“I used to buy your newspaper but I realised that you write shit things when you write an article about DJ Shimza that he was leaving soulstic music and also blaming Black Coffee about poor sales of his album, the following week you apologized about writing shit which you didn’t even have to prove. You always write kak and lies,” Kulani Mabasa said said on the paper’s comment section on Facebook.

Another one, Vilakazi Mahlengahlengana said: ” Really there are a lot of things that you can investigate out there. You are worse than Daily Sun, sies”.

Zola Ngeni Mbeceni seemed to mock the paper with these words: ” I am staying in a white house in USA and Obama is my uncle, so write about”. He then called on the paper to leave Potwane alone, saying “it’s none of your damn business, as long as he never came to you asking for a lift or a place to stay leave him alone”.

In the story, when the paper contacts Potwane to comment, they only ask Potwane about the Ormonde property and not about car. Of the property, the presenter answered that it was a rent to buy property.

Sunday World’s Buchule Raba, the journalist who wrote the story, didn’t answer questions sent through his Facebook concerning the story and readers’ reaction.

Another reader, Zayne Gatyeni Mamalu Potwane said: “These mgosi tabloids can write rubbish at times. Did they confirm this nonsense with him? I think next time they must verify their sources and ensure they are credible. If a journalistic code or ethics allow this rubbish, people’s credibility will be eroded.”

Tshepiso Molaba leveled: “This guy worked hard to be where he is now. He was working at a garage and managed to work hard in such way that we see him on our screens and we listen to him on radio. I’m very proud of him because he is an example to other young stars. Whether he lied about his house or car doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that he worked hard to accomplish his dreams. Sunday World you never reported about how he got to the entertainment industry but you very fast to report on the negative things”.

Sunday World is actually the English-Jewish side of the South African media and their Afrikaner-Jewish rivals own the Sunday Sun.

In late 2011, Zola 7 appeared before the Brixton Magistrate Court for assaulting Sunday World journalist Ngwako Malatjie after he accused him of working with his former white boss, Lance Sterh, to destroy his reputation and consequently his career as a TV presenter and musician.


 -Zama Khumalo-

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