Chronology of the Black Bible

November 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

You see towards the end of August 2014 I read the SHOCKING story about the SHOCKING passing away of Mr Dod Little. You can check on the internet archives, Mr Little served as a sergeant during World War II – actually he was an active military man between 1935 and 1949 and he died on Saturday, 16 August 2014 at the age of 97.

I say the death was SHOCKING in caps but then now I see that it was one INTERESTING story because Little was the OLDEST SURVIVING VETERAN in South Africa. The report reads: “Uncle Dod, as he was affectionately known, was believed to have been the oldest survivor of the Word War II.”

Now what is also INTERESTING on reading the story of the passing away of Uncle Dod is that his memorial service on the date of 22 August was going to be held at the Methodist church. So now you see? Something interesting here. First Mr Little or Uncle Dod, as he was known, was known on earth as a war-man. Second, the memorial service will be held at the Methodist church, meaning that Mr Little is now being handed over to God. By giving everything to the Methodist church to handle, friends and relatives are actually handing over everything to the Creator to take over everything.

So perhaps, because of my interests in historical events, I would want to attend this memorial service but then maybe I would think twice because it would be an event attended by whites-only and whites do not always enjoy the views of blacks, especially when they are doing their important things. Whites do not like when blacks attend their memorial services and the security guard at the gate would always want to know what I’m looking for there. So perhaps I would write a letter that would be read out by the program director during the proceedings on my behalf and I won’t need be there. I’ll just send the letter and ask them to put it on the program and read it out loud to the congregation.

Perhaps there would be few things which they would want to verify from me, like my identity and if I know Mr. Little in person. They would also want to know if I’m a white person, coloured or what, since I would put “Your Truly, Samuel Ferguson “, at the end of the letter. Mainly the letter will be about my pain appertaining the death of Mr. Little and I will write that “death has no shame’ and then continue to thank Mr. Little for his service in the World War 2 before I ask his spirit to rest in peace. Something like that. So, in case they ask me if I know Mr Little in person, I’ll tell them that I saw the story in the newspaper and I was saddened by his passing away because I myself also served in the army, in the South African Defence Force, and I fought in the Angolan Bush War on 26 August 1966 in Omugulugwombashe under Colonel Jan Breytenbach and I lost my hearing when we were hit by a bomb dropped by Swapo rebels. So perhaps the lady on the phone would be very strict and would keep asking me questions until I contradict myself, until I lose my pseudo Afrikaner accent. So perhaps I would quit wanting to do this.

So perhaps the first thing that I would like to do first is doing my washing and then clean the room. The room has been dirty with old newspapers. I just want to get rid of them and get fresh ones.

You see, in most cases I don’t like throwing the newspapers away because I enjoy keeping them for future reference. Most of my friends who do not read the newspapers when I tell them about things that occurred in the world they don’t believe me – so I have to constantly show them the actual newspaper report. I know why: because some of the things that occur in the world are unbelievable, because the world we are living in is a chaotic and unpredicted one.

Then the other thing that came into my mind was the issue of God. You see, I’m lonely and I want someone I can talk to about God. You see I want somebody learnered and someone that I can talk to about the need for a Black Bible. The thing, I saw that Dr Josef Ben Jochannan made an appeal the other time that, in a situation like this, blacks will have to write their own Bible. But before I get this person, it must be someone who has a clear understanding of what exactly is racism. Someone who can understand all the definitions offered by many scholars. While I do not really view myself as a scholar simply because I don’t see the proof I am, I have my own definition of racism. My own definition, which says that, ‘racism is a system of governance imposed for the survival of whites ’. So in order to counter racism, we must not ask to be inserted inside the system of racism, but we must ask for another system of governance to replace racism. We must fight for the implementation of another system. But, importantly, when we do that we must also note that we make the lives of whites impossible, because white life is only possible when whites are in charge. Whites cannot exist when there is no racism in place. Whites need racism in order to survive. In the same way, racism cannot empower blacks and give them access to all the means of production in all areas of human activity because, by doing so, whites would be assisting blacks to gain the powers needed to crush White Power. In a world where there is racism, the non-whites, the Africans, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Japanese, the Indians, etc they can only serve whites. They can be “monitored” throughout, to make sure that they only possess military weapons that are not stronger than those of whites, because another power that attempts to replace racism will make the life of white people impossible. So whites are playing the ‘our safety first’ game.

Now, understanding that, the Bible, we know, was revised by racists and the only way to counter the racism attributed to God is to write our own Bible that is based on a new ideology that replaces racism. ZAMA KHUMALO


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