Whites Need Racism In Order To Survive

October 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

Zama Khumalo

I thought I would write this article for my cousin for her exam topics but then now I thought it would be nice if I publish it here. I wanted to give this article the heading, ‘Whites Need Racism In Order To Survive’, in an attempt to write off the present thinking of many South African youth that says: “Whites also have the duty to fight against racism”.

This thinking eventually translates to: “Whites must wage a war against, and help exterminate, themselves.”

You see, various thinkers have contributed various definitions of racism, we know and the best of all that I have went through is the one offered by Dr. Neely Fuller, which says that racism is actually the “system” of the global power of white people. Fuller in his works mainly concentrates on the relationship between ‘whites’ and ‘non-whites’ and he was successfully able to come out with a proper definition of racism.

Of Fuller, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing writing in ‘The Isis Papers’ said that Fuller “recognized the need for a functional statement on racism, one that could be utilized daily by those earnestly seeking to bring about social change”, and as a result, Fuller “observed that, contrary to most present thinking, there is only one functioning racism in the known world…” and that is — “white supremacy.”

“Fuller then suggests that the word “race”, in this sense, has little biological validity but is translated more correctly as “organization,” the sole purpose of which is to maintain white domination and world control.”

The short and longest of it, Fuller defines racism as “a system of thought, speech and action operated by people who classify themselves as white, and who use deceit, violence, and/or the threat of violence, to subjugate, use, and/or abuse people classified as ‘non-white’, under conditions that promote the practice of falsehood, injustice, and correctness, in one or more areas of activity, for the ultimate purpose of maintaining, expanding, and/ or refining the practice of white supremacy.”

Then Welsing, who basically looks up to Fuller as her influence, takes this definition “a step further” and defines racism as “the local and global power system structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined; this system consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war)”.

She said that the “ultimate purpose” of this system is to “prevent white genetic annihilation on Earth.” This, in other words, is to make sure that, from generation to generation, the survival, whether genetically, of people of European origin is hindered by nothing.

Now if we were also to take this definition a bit further, it will appear at the end that racism is actually ‘a system of governing the world’s people for the survival of whites’.

The implementation of racism as a world order (CommonWealth, globalization, foreign investment or stuff like that) is basically a whites-only decision that renders all non-whites people stooges of this planet.
Whites want to live in this planet and do not want to die, so they use racism to create a world environment that is safe and secure for whites-only to live. Racism always makes sure that the existence of non-whites do not pose any danger to the existence of whites and, as a system, it gives whites the best that human beings need in order to survive in this universe.

This makes it impossible for whites to be able to stop, abandon or relinquish racism and be ‘integrated’ into the non-whites world because, if they were to allow that, that would mean that whites now want to vanish as a race.

Whites are aware that the cultures of the various non-whites people, if not attended, present a threat to white survival and racism, as a system of governing people, allows them without consultations the right to arm themselves and destroy those cultures, so that there is ONLY a White World Order.

White Power strongly opposes the need for non-whites to be independent and be able to develop their own separate power, as it is currently the case in countries like Zimbabwe and North Korea.

One instance is the fact that whites own the means of productions and universally exploit the labour of non-whites.

From this they generate huge incomes for themselves and possess all the food that the people on the planet need in order to survive, with systematic racism only permitting non-whites to rely from whites for those foods, e.g. you need money created by whites from your white employer in order to buy food from your nearby white supermarket, Pick n’Pay.

Then now if we were to destory this picture and say, maybe, now we introduce a new system that sees no skin colour, whites will vehemently make sure that this type of a system is not put in place as it will lead to their extermination. Whites are a selfish type of species and do not gamble with their life. With their ostensible self-persecution complex, whites daily manufacture really dangerous weapons in order to protect this life.

But just like a crocodile that needs a river for its strength, whites need racism in order to survive and live as a people. As part of their way of survival, whites have successfully been able to implement racism at a world level, imperialism – and make stooges the non-whites.

Whites cannot and will not be able to fight against racism or abandon it and agree that another system must replace it, unless there is a revolution of some sort carried out, globally, by the non-whites to overthrow racism as a system of governing people. It’s all for the purpose of making sure whites live, deny all basic needs to non-whites so that they do not have the power to fight back, and depopulated in the process without them having the power to defend themselves.

Frants Fanon showed us with these words that colonialism is actually racism when he wrote in 1961 that decolonization, which he described as a program to change “the order of the world”, is basically “quite simply the replacing of a certain “species” of men by another “species” of men”.

But unfortunately whites will not allow it to even occur.

We have always witnessed this, that even though many of the countries of non-whites were able to stage successful revolutions and overthrew white despots in the native lands and set up new states, but whites had also succeeded in making sure that each one of those revolutions is fitted with crucial ideological elements of racism, so that there is generally no threat to white life, which explains why countries that have refused to govern their people through racism (imperialism) are labeled “outlaw” or “terrorist nations”.

So all in all, this imposition of white culture upon the non-whites or this racist overthrow of the systems of the non-whites allows whites-only to school, work and live anywhere they want in the world, with the full protection of the local states. But unlike the Khoisans who relied on the natural system of hunting and farming to survive, whites need racism in order to survive because racism is the only system that enables whites to live.


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