Nkosi Johnson And The HIV Poison

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Zama Khumalo

Xolani Nkosi-Johnson was born on 4 February 1989, he would be 26 this year, 2015.
His mother, Nonhlanhla Nkosi, died in 1997 when the child was beginning school – passing away and leaving him at a ‘care centre’ that was controlled and ‘directed’ by a white woman, Gail Johnson, in Johannesburg.

There, according to Nkosi Johnson, when “the care centre had to close down because of lack of funds”, Gail Johnson, who later named him ‘Nkosi Johnson’ (from Xolani Nkosi), told a board meeting that he would take Nkosi with her!

The information supplied by Gail Johnson’s website, the ‘Nkosi’s Haven’, quotes Nkosi Johnson’s 2000 speech at the so-called ‘13th International Aids Conference’ in Durban, where he said: “She took me home with her for eight years now,” suggesting that Gail Johnson adopted Nkosi Johnson in 1992, because that’s what Nkosi Johnson said in 2000.


They say Nonhlanhla surrendered herself and her child to this Johannesburg care centre during her hardship – at the peak of the deterioration of her health. This is the care centre from where Gail Johnson, immediately when it had to close down, “because of lack of funds”, she took the child with her and paid particular attentions in growing him as her own – up until in 1997 when his story was published, of how a racist Melville school denied him registration, because he was HIV positive.This is also the year when Nonhlanhla finally lost the HIV/Aids battle, leaving the child ‘an orphan’, because he never knew his father and in the hands of ‘foster-mom’ Gail.

“Then”, Nkosi Johnson recalled one day, “she called the school, who said we will call you and then they had a meeting about me.”

Nkosi Johnson was born with HIV, and mainly because HIV takes between 6-10 years to destroy the patient, he had Aids during the peak of his fame, at the age of 8 and was then admitted after more media houses sympathized with him, despite the stern opposition from those racist parents and teachers who feared that the ailing black child would infect their children with HIV, exposing the illusory ‘non-racial’ South African democracy.

But a thorough read of the news that brought Nkosi Johnson to fame shows that Nkosi was the only black-sufferer in the early days of a post-1994 South Africa that was finally able to bring tears to white eyes.

“A tiny figure”, Gail Johnson later said of Nkosi Johnson, “[wearing] a shiny dark suit and sneakers, 11-year-old Nkosi Johnson held an audience of 10 000 delegates in occasionally tearful silence as he told his story.”

tiny little

Nkosi used to make the person listening to him feel truly sad about the suffering the little boy was undergoing. But most definitely, Nkosi was someone who could not make certain pronunciations properly, because, all in all, HIV is a poison that works to destroy the person outright.

But most importantly, HIV doesn’t cause one type of an illness called “Aids” but instead it obliterates the whole immune system, so that the person infected ends up attracting all the diseases of the world at once.

So Nkosi could not make certain pronunciation correctly because the child had all the diseases of the world combined in him at once! So, most accurately, HIV invites a combination of all known and unknown diseases of the whole world to kill the victim concurrently.

So for most people who understood this it was not a surprise that the child could not make certain English pronunciations properly when he made public speeches because they would have understood by now that Nkosi had Aids and Aids is the stage where the patient is attracting any type of a disease available.

But most importantly, Nkosi Johnson was made available by white media for everyone to see and hear about. Whites mainly sympathized with Gail Johnson, their own, to allow Nkosi Johnson the opportunity to preach against the discrimination of those who are infected with HIV. But the most interesting part of the debate about Nkosi and his HIV poison is that it never went deeper. It never touched the real core of the matter. In fact, the HIV debate was officially closed by evolutionary biologist Edward Holmes and co-workers at Oxford University in 2001 with these words: “It’s time to move on”. Now there is nothing to debate, because the most respected and powerful of men have asked that it be shut.

Basically what happened to Nkosi was that he received the virus directly from his mom, and then proceeded to carry the burden up until the age of 12.

Nkosi Johnson’s mother, born somewhere in the 1960s, represented the generation in South Africa of the first blacks to be bombed with HIV by the Apartheid instruments of suppression. Basically what happened, during the 1980s, remember the previous year there was also the 1976 Student Uprising, the Apartheid regime of PW Botha exhausted all other forms of suppressing the anti-Apartheid revolution of the naitives, police, defence force and judiciary persecution, the regime was now considering the ‘slow poison’ project, hence the emergence of Dr. Wouter Basson.

By 1997, HIV was killing some million black South Africans. This was basically the era that produced more orphans in South Africa. This is the era of Botha, the era of HIV bombing.

Basson, who later sort of faced charges emanating from the role he played in the state-funded project of the 1980s of setting viruses on the black population, served as a ‘personal physician’ to the racist head of state Botha.
Nkosi Johnson appeared in 1988, from a mother who has been bombed.

The history, the story goes on, but all that we must say at the end is that money that was produced by blacks was also used to kill them. To imagine how the labour of blacks was able to build a country as big as South Africa, the profits and all, and how at the end that was also used to pay for a special team of scientists to bomb the very same black people who had laboured so hard for the stomachs of whites and to build a country.

At the end Nkosi Johnson died and a string of other black people followed – we witnessed more funerals in the townships than in the suburbs and we never heard of any white death associated with HIV!

But most importantly, in conclusion, what I know is that, because whites have given themselves the task of ruling over other races, they generally regard it as their responsibility to take care of sick blacks in the aftermath.
But all that I can say about Nkosi Johnson is that the money that was generated by blacks during Apartheid also helped launched a care centre, adopted him as a sick child, helped publicise him and also paid for the coffin that carried him to Westpark cemetery.

But honestly speaking, when we are sick, infected or bombed with HIV, we cannot lie, whites do take care of us – they diagnose the variety of diseases in us, isolate and give names to the specific viruses that cause those diseases in us, mobilize funds to help us, analyse us, encourage our government to build more clinics and hospitals in order to stock more medicines quickly. It’s a quick, quick business, but most importantly what blacks should know about HIV and Ebola is that it doesn’t differ from a bullet shot straight from a pistol to their fore-head. But the difference between that and a biological warfare is that in a biological warfare you do not really hire and send heavy-armed troops to attack your enemy but you let a face-off between your enemy and viruses.


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