A Letter To Victor Mbethe

March 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

Dear Victor

Personally, I have problems with the old system of governance because it differs from the current one in that the current one uses black compradors to mess their own people up.

In a nutshell, as the general pan-Africanist belief espouses, powerful blacks present no danger to the system but are actually dangerous to other blacks because they would want to maintain the oppressive system by every means.

The politics of white despots destroyed blacks on the mind and soul, and your duty will be to change that. What Im trying to say here to you, a candidate for the upcoming by-elections, is that you will have to be very cautious not to manage the same system which fucks up our own people.

Al in all, we have to take that revolutionary initiative to end Badplaas. Badplaas has to end – the new councillor must end it, and a new society created from it. We will have to create a post-Badplaas society characterized by justice and development.

At the current stage, we can talk of Badplaas as that tiny village in Mpumalanga that is characterized by racial inequalities, high unemployment rate, poor service delivery, landlessness, poor education system and water crisis and the rampant corruption of the ANC elite grouping.

We can talk of Badplaas as that organisation not developing the portions where black people live. We can talk about the guillotine that Badplaas is, to cut black heads. We can talk about Badplaas, which exists against the will of our people, as that tiny village ruled by laymen who enter government in order to feed themselves and their families. In the past 20 years we have seen the worse in Badplaas, than what one would think was development.

But most importantly, Badplaas lack the leaders who are selfless. The love of materialism by our so-called leaders, which is seen as norm by the people they lead, is driven by their lack of political ideologies to enter government and change lives – is driven by their lack of philosophical dialects to understand the role of the state in subjugating our people. The philosophical poverty of our leaders to analyse and handle the current anti-black situations in Badplaas is the cause of the Badplaas we have today and which we must seek to destroy, so that there is no more Badplaas.

As an independent candidate, contesting, or wanting to win a ward, you will have to be very careful not to long to enter government and imitate the ANC. Our people are not looking for ANC outside the ANC. You must identify your programs with popular left-wing politics, pan-Africanism and the politics of juche of self-reliance.

While part of your programs will have to be the complete abolition of Badplaas, that will have to be accompanied by the revolutionary literacy of the people you will be working with to achieve the goals of smashing Badplaas.

Badplaas was designed by the Apartheid government and now maintained by the ANC government for the suffering of black people.

We have seen how our people have been lied to – that they are suffering because they were not educated or lack certain skills. Ironically, it is the same ANC government which maintains the system of poor education or lack of proper skill development projects. Then the issue of agricultural programs will have to be taken by you as an independent ward councilor, to give back land to the people of Badplaas; by implementing the community policy of “each hectre each household and two tractors for each ward”, which will be accompanied by an abundant space of grazing on the other side.

The people of Badplaas have raised a lot of issues, but most definitely, each issue is raised because the entire system is rotten, which calls for the restructuring of Badplaas; the need for a new independent man who will turn Badplaas into a movement.


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