ZAMA KHUMALO: A Letter to Commissar Pro Khoza

February 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

Comrade, I greet you. You see, the commander-in-chief of our movement has talked a lot and the struggle has been directed at the emancipation of the worker and the poor. But most importantly, it is a struggle to emancipate and restore dignity in the millions of black souls across the country. Just like the Chinese, the Russians, North Koreans or the Cubans, Africans also have the fulfillable mission to restore their own dignity. You see Comrade Pro, I enjoy the fact that the starvation of the black majority has made an inevitable war for all anti-barbarian young South Africans. I want to greet you in the name of Jesus Christ who died for our sins under Romans hands more than 2000 years ago. I want to be quick and specific when I write to you. You see this other day when I saw you in Badplaas I wanted to greet you but your car left very quickly before I could even reach the corner where you were parking and the other guys greeted you. You see, if I got the chance to reach to you I was gona definately ask the two of us to meet at a separate petrol garage station and talk politics. Of late I want too much of politics. Politicians use politics to trick us. In order for us to understand the puzzeword that politicians use we all must learn politics. Some of us learnt politics hard, like Andries Tatane, the Ficksburg protester, died on TV on 13 April 2011 while he was trying to learn politics. You see, we learn politics hard and die. Steve Biko who was already matured in politics, and offered a life-long remedy to the problems of the Black race, died under the hands of ruthless assassins serving politics. You see, that’s politics… But truly speaking comrade Pro, our struggle is winnable in that it is being fought within our yards. We never went anywhere to bother anyone in their own yards. Ours is made inevitable because is rightfully ours and occurs within our own country. I actually appreciate the greatest leaps you guys made on behalf of the millions of economic freedom fighters of South Africa. When I write you I honestly wana be brief and specific. I don’t want to talk a lot of things without an ending. I want to be brief and quick, so that the letter ends. But immediately when the letter ends, with a full stop punctuation at an end, it must be something that has an address at the top right corner and a signature at an end signed by the writer and content. The content must be a bit detailed but brief. It must be something to address the status quo, and actions thereafter. In this particular case, the writer would be me and the intended reader would be you. You see Comrade Pro, *Badplaas (*now the area is called ‘eManzana’) was wreacked by very violent forces and we cannot even talk about it. But what is important at the current moment is justce. How? I’ll show you. First of all the people of Badplaas they own everything that surrounds them, the land, the water and everything, but no one will make it visible to them that they do. Instead each person will be forced to believe that he only owns the small yard within which their home is fenced. Now Comrade Pro, I wanted us to greet, talk and highlight a range of things before you left, like the increased youth unemployment in Badplaas. The ANC government was able to raise the number to a significant increase in just 14 years from 2000 – from 27% in 1999 to 53% in 2013. But most people who were employed were enlisted into the cheap labour army to earn what looks almost like nothing compared to their white counterparts. The people of Badplaas own each and every wealth generated by their own labour and I was prepared to prove that. The people of Badplaas own Aventura and can collectively place it under land claim and seize it for public ownership. You see Comrade Pro I’m glad at your achievement as a Parliamentarian but I just want Commissisars of this radical movement to know that the kind of State we are looking for as young people in South Africa is the one which can ‘wither away’. Vladimir Lenin saw the possibility in us getting the State that ‘withers away’ but this State in the South African situation will have to the one that is ‘mobile’. Yes, we need one kind of State that is ‘mobile’. I dont see any impossibility in us forcing a situation that results to a State that is “mobile”, particularly now with so much grit revolutionaries painting the country red. It must be that kind of State that is movable and can be crushed into pieces, and these pieces, so fine and so small, will then have to be thrown away! We must create a situation that forces the State to be seizable and once we have it, we say, “to hell with this so-called State!” We are not looking up to listen to the State as person talking to be heard, but we are looking for a situation that is so inevitable that the State is hammered on its ankles and brought to its knees. We can no longer have anything to do with the State. Comrade Pro, you see, we are also not looking to emancipate workers in their willingness. We can’t all the time expect a worker or the sections of the unemployed to be willing to be emancipated. We must grab and emancipate a worker or a poor man. So I think that goes hand and hand with the kind of State that young South Africans are looking for – that the emancipation goes tightly with a seizable and smashable State. But we can talk about these issues almost waya-waya, the whole day and even continue for the whole week, but the whole aim will be to prove that young South Africans are looking for a seizable and smashable State, one which eventually becomes history. It will also be to prove that to achieve that there will have to be some form of actions in our reply to the inertia and complacency of the current ruling class. We are not looking for a bourgeois structure that tries to be indomitable and seek to rely permanently on distortion of facts and brazen deception in the disadvantage of the class which we belong. But comrade Pro, honestly, to achieve all of these, we will have to be organised ourselves. More signs of us being organised have showed in the past months since we entered the political arena in July 2013 – more evidence showed in our Manifesto Launch in Tembisa. But more was needed on our sides to get everyone to understand what Mao’lemaism was all about. The endeavours of refined fighters like GG, among others, have placed the struggle at the height above the State, leaving it to us to see how we can seize and subsequently smash it. This process, the one of getting fighters to be at a height above the State, is improtant in a revolution organised by the working class and the unemployed, in a society where the State is above society. Comrade Lenin wants all members of the oppressed class to listen very careful to the things that Karl Marx said because the things that Karl Marx said is, and I quote, “a consummate philosophical materialism which has provided mankind, and especially the working-class, with powerful instruments of knowledge.” Now, I want us to get to the bottom of the content of this letter, perhaps where we make conclusions. What has been presented to us by the ANC were clear ideas underwritten by imperialists to defeat the natives. Now to counter that, we will have to truly appreciate our value as revolutionaries and know our missions. Comrade Pro I sincerely express my respect and admiration to you for having grown this much, in terms of the revolutionary missions to be fulfilled. I appreciate greatly that other fighters have also grown this much, a move which will suffocate the ANC dearly.


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